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Project Description

An app for tracking periods andphysical
changes happenin over the period
of time.

Welcome Screen

PDLover App provides you access to your data using Facebook Connector Email. You can create your account using either option and set up your profile with PDLover App.

Login & Register Screen

Add your personal details and contact details without fear of getting shared anywhere as we don’t share your data with anyone. We respect your privacy.

Calendar Screen

With Calendar user would be able to add period dates. This would help the user to track period dates using history added using the App.

Measurement Screen

User will be able to add weight and temperature values whenever they want. History of measurement will be maintained. The user would be able to edit and delete measurement data whenever they want.

Chart Screen

Real time charts provides visually appealing depiction of period, temperature and weight data. A user will be able to change profile data, password and other settings of the app using My Account screen.


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