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SoluLab has blockchain enthusiasts who are ready to take your projects on Blockchain technology. We are slowly and steadily exploring this global hit technology by one project at a time. Let’s discuss your idea on the blockchain!

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Why Blockchain?

Blockchain is distributed ledger technology where chances of manipulation is very hard. Blockchain is an unlimited chain of data made of entities called “Blocks”. Every block consists the information of the previous block, that means chain can not be broken. The technology model provides a safe and more fast environment to transfer data, money, information, or any other asset.

Applications of Blockchain

In the recent past, we have seen tremendous blockchain development in supply & chain, renewable energy, education, finance, and government niches. Countries like USA, Dubai, Sweden, Germany are supporting the blockchain technology and have started testing and developing many projects. While the Bitcoin still fluctuate, we have the great opportunity to use this base technology for other industries.

What benefits can Blockchain give us?

SoluLab, from the rise of bitcoin, understood the power of blockchain. Hence, we started new projects that can raise the bar. We have developed few projects on health, finance, and education industry. Get in touch with our blockchain experts and discuss your next big idea with us.

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Blockchain Development Services from SoluLab

  • Smart contracts will be a huge revolution for the law industry. With smart contracts, process timings will be cut shortened, the average time to take the process will be shortened, and the legal matters will be more transparent.
  • Every smart contracts needs a thorough audit. SoluLab blockchain experts will give you a real time status of the smart contracts by checking the codes in depth.
  • Private blockchain networks are designed for a particular organization, and can only be accessed by the organization. Our experts can deliver a solid blockchain network that you can use for your organization.
  • Blockchain makes the supply and chain more transparent than ever. You can implement blockchain on your heavy duty supply and chain management network where transparency is apex priority.
  • Ethereum is an open source platform that allows to develop smart contracts and distributed applications. We at SoluLab, have a dedicated member for this technology, and take care of your projects on Ethereum.
  • Cryptocurrencies are a huge hit these days! Everyday we witness a new cryptocoin making entry in the market. If you’re thinking about developing the same, SoluLab is a great helping hand.
  • Ethereum based application and contracts are basically written in Solidity language. We have Solidity enthusiastics that are constantly developing on this language.
  • A cryptocurrency wallet is a software program that acts as a digital wallet. Cryptocurrency wallets are designed to extend a high level of security.

With the rise in crypto, a rise in digital wallets were also observed. These wallets are highly secured and offer compatibility to the users. Connect with us to develop your cryptocurrency wallet!

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