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Social Fitness App – Success Story

An app that connects you to strangers with similar fitness goals

“They manifested our concepts and were quite responsive.”

CEO, Versafit

An award-winning fully functional social fitness mobile app for fitness freaks with functionalities like browsing maps, inspirational videos and pictures, group chat and more

Business Overview – Versafit

Our client Versafit is based in California, USA.. Versafit is a sports and fitness company promoting a healthy lifestyle, connecting people together, and encouraging active living.


Their main aim was to quickly connect the people on-demand for similar fitness goals – a platform where people from all walks of life can connect and have fun doing the things they love!

The Challenge

Our client wanted to create a platform that team up and connect like-minded health enthusiasts for fitness engagements. They had their own wireframes and mockups, as well as documentation of technical requirements.

However, they just had an idea, no concrete plan about how to proceed.

And, we helped them Build a social-fitness app. Yes, the challenge wasn’t easy to overcome. There were hitches like simple UI and Interactive UX, data security, Location accuracy, social integration, and so on…

Our Approach

Our client got in touch with us through Elance in October 2015. They had idea and we had implementation strength. Together we build an awesome social fitness mobile app.

The MVP was released in January 2016 included browsing maps and feeds in order to see available users within an area, as well as an Instagram-like feature that showed inspirational videos and pictures that people posted, promoting health and wellness.

This is how we overcame challenges:

Delivery Time: 5 Weeks

Efforts Involved: 6 Person Months

Technologies we used: Amazon EC2, Amazon S3 Content Management, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Load Balancing, PHP with Laravel Framework, Swift, Android Java, JMeter

Results – A journey from Ideas to Success

In just TWO and HALF months, we came up with MVP and a full-fledged social fitness app was launched in May 2016.

Business Benefits

Featured on CNBC

Bagged the coolest US college startup 2016 award by Forbes magazine

Founders were able to secure 750k USD seed funding

Thousand active users during than 3 months when the app was live

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Client’s Testimonial

“They were responsive overall. If we needed quick changes to be made, Soluloid set up meetings and kept clear lines of communication to understand and diagnose our ongoing issue. From a project management perspective, they handled the work well.”


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